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About www.WebCodingTech.com

This website is all about Web Coding Technologies. I have been interested in many different areas of web development for many years now. I started hacking away at HTML back in '94 or '95 and since have run the gamut of scripting languages etc. I have often used examples found on the internet as a starting place for learning more of a programming language, so I would like to contribute back to the community, providing reference material, functions, explainations, and code that I have collected and written over the years.

Disclaimer / Fine Print

Everything provided on this website is provided in the hopes that it will be useful, but with no guarrantee, not even implied about its fitness for any particular purpose. You are responsible for anything and everything that happens as a direct or indirect result of using anything found on this website. I am not a lawyer, but I am now declaring that I am not responsible for anything that you do with code, information, ideas, or anything found here.

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