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HTML Reference with Examples

HyperText Markup Language. This language was developed originally to add special codes "markup language" to text documents to format them for the web. The main pull of HTML was the ability to add "hyperlinks" or a special code to allow the use to "jump" directly to the other "linked" document to continue to read or see whatever was relevant there. Much has changed over the years, but the concept of the Web remains the same- link documents together so you can see relevant information.

One thing to note about HMTL, is that the tags and attributes are all case-insensitive. This means that the tag <HTML> is the same as <html> and <TD NOWRAP="NOWRAP"> is the same as <td nowrap="nowrap">. Some HTML editors and code generators always output the code in uppercase, but it's really up to you whether or not you want to use uppercase or lowercase. One recommendation though, is that you decide to use one or the other and use it consistently in your code, so that your code will be easier to read.

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