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The PHP Code Archives & Reference

Php is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages in use on the web today. It is a free, open-source language, and you can download and install it at no charge. For a complete reference, you can see the official Php website at www.php.net. They have complete online documentation available as well as an easy search function that allows you to pull up the specifications for any Php function.

What Do We Have Here?

www.WebCodingTech.com provides some sample scripts, examples, functions. It is basically a "how to" manual for actually doing what you need to do, and puts less emphasis on theory.

The Early Years of Php (Php History)

It is said that Php stands for Personal Home Pages, and this may have been true when it was first created, but according to php.net, Php is a "recursive acronym" meaning "Php Hypertext Preprocessor".

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