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Welcome to the Web Coding Technologies pages!

You might be a top coder or you might just be learning HTML. Either way, this site can help you. You can use it as a reference book, you can browse the source code, examples and advice found here and learn lots. That is one of the principle ways I started learning to develop web applications. I started looking at source code, reading books, learning by trial and error. You are now invited to do the same.

Code Samples, Reference Material, Tutorials- Find it all here

Currently, we have only a few things ready to publish. I have prepared a few articles on Php, Javascript, SQL and HTML and have thrown in a few code samples etc. As I get time, I will keep uploading scripts and code from my code archives including snippets of php and javascript code. In the near future I hope to add some information about ASP, CSharp, Perl, XML, and CSS. Hopefully it won't be long. But for now enjoy the resources that you can find here now.

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