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Get object by ID

If you've been working with Javascript at all, you've come to use the getElementById method. While this function is a good one for simply getting an object, it's not compatible with all browsers. Today I'm going to show you how to work towards cross-browser compatibility in your JavaScipt code. Just use the following function instead of getElementById().

Cross-browser compatible getElementById() Function

Example Code
function getElementByIdCompatible (the_id) {
if (typeof the_id != 'string') {
return the_id;

if (typeof document.getElementById != 'undefined') {
return document.getElementById(the_id);
} else if (typeof document.all != 'undefined') {
return document.all[the_id];
} else if (typeof document.layers != 'undefined') {
return document.layers[the_id];
} else {
return null;

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